Commercial Rebuild Valuations

A Rebuild Valuation from a professional Quantity Surveying practice is the best way to ensure an accurate sum insured figure for your property based on elemental building cost estimates.

If your Commercial Property is insured with Crombie Lockwood, preferential rates are available with our QS partner – Construction Cost Consultant Limited.

Construction Cost Consultants are a professional Quantity

Surveying practice that has provided rebuild estimates to over 40,000 properties within New Zealand in the last five years.

Construction Cost Consultants are New Zealand owned and operated with a nationwide footprint so they’re where you are.

Inspections are conducted by a member of their professional surveying team and involve a full measure and itemisation of the construction of the property, including any site or ancillary items such as parking garages or workshops, as well as improvements to the land such as retaining walls. The data profile compiled on-site is then sent to their office and for cost analysis and peer review. The report is finalized and issued to you, all within five working days.

To read more about Rebuild Valuations and how having one completed can help reduce the risk of being underinsured click here.


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