Corporate entities require expert risk and insurance advice that an insurance generalist is unlikely to be able to provide. That is why Crombie Lockwood assembled a division of highly qualified specialists to provide corporate insurance services.

All of our brokers have worked in the international insurance market at a senior level. In their respective roles, they have gained experience advising institutional and corporate clients at the highest level. Between the various team members, we have specialist knowledge of virtually every area of industrial, commercial or institutional activity.

Recognising the talent pool available within the Corporate Division, an increasing number of New Zealand’s corporate entities have already switched to Crombie Lockwood as their risk and insurance partner. They join a large group of existing clients, some of which have been working with us for over 20 years.

Your partner in risk advice and corporate insurance

Our corporate insurance services go substantially further than simply providing transactional insurance broking services. At Crombie Lockwood, we deliver a comprehensive risk advisory service.

If you were to enlist the Crombie Lockwood, we’ll start by considering how the risk transfer process works in your organisation, e.g. how much of the risk the business is willing and able to carry versus what risk is passed over to insurers. An understanding of your risk profile and financial strength will reveal the optimum level of risk transfer required. This process generally delivers greater certainty as to the financial outcome from an insured event and less reliance on insurance, thereby minimising what would otherwise be a growing cost to your business.

In addition, we look at ways for you to mitigate risk through smart risk management. Depending on the resource available in your organisation, we can work with your risk managers or you can outsource the entire function to our Corporate Division.

Crombie Lockwood also provides extensive insurance coverage for small and medium sized businesses. Find out more about our Business Insurance Services.

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