Insurance for religious institutions

Crombie Lockwood has for many years managed a large diocesan and religious institution insurance programme in New Zealand. During this time, we instituted successful management and membership structures that has stood the test of time.

These agreements set out how the group operates in terms of buying, the allocation of cost and allocation of risk. For instance, they outline how claims by one member can impact on others in a way that is fair and equitable to all parties. Our custom designed agreements form a sound basis for a collective insurance programme that saves its members money and gives all parties the cover they need.

The same operational principles can be transferred to meet the insurance requirements of any other religious institutions. These principles have been proven to provide practical solutions to the key challenges for church institutions where separate decision makers buy as a group.

Insuring old churches

One of the typical challenges for religious institutions is the diversity of buildings, many of which can be old enough to be considered unusual insurance risks. With our many years experience, Crombie Lockwood can provide all the options available for portfolios that contain such buildings.

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