Energy industry insurance

As a power generator, lines company or fuel business, your operation has particular risks not shared by the industry at large. It makes sense to discuss your insurance risks with experts in energy industry insurance.

Through Crombie Lockwood, you can get the full range of business insurances required for your energy industry operation:

Lines cover


While not widely available, this covers you for  loss or damage to lines above and below ground.

Failure to supply


Though not always easy to obtain, this insurance can be critically important to you.

Civil engineering and construction 


Insurance cover for your construction projects.

Vehicle fleet


Tailored to the specific fleet requirements of the company, this insurance saves you time and money, with 24/7 claims support.

Material damage


Covers you for the loss of property or equipment due to events such as fire, flooding, theft, etc.

Environmental risks


Energy businesses can have significant environmental risk. Environmental impairment, pollution removal and, most importantly, brand protection can be a very costly exercise.

Liability insurances


Energy companies require specific insurance coverage for their legal liabilities. You will benefit from our collective experience to assist you in making informed decisions about your coverage. Litigation risk is always a consideration, but in the context of our risk management methodology a properly designed liability programme will mitigate these risks efficiently.

Energy industry insurance experts

Crombie Lockwood has a team of insurance professionals with internationally recognised credentials in the energy sector. You’ll find our pragmatic approach refreshing.

With our industry networks internationally, we can negotiate the best insurance cover for you, designed for what really matters – claims management.

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