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1 December 2021

Crombie Lockwood’s COVID-19 management protocols

Crombie Lockwood takes the safety and wellbeing of our team seriously, and is committed to ensuring our offices remain a safe place for everyone who visits.

Our team

  • All Crombie Lockwood staff must be fully vaccinated and supply us with proof of vaccination, or if un-vaccinated provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result (within 72 hours of receiving result) before entering our offices.
  • These conditions must be met in order to conduct in-person meetings for Crombie Lockwood either in Crombie Lockwood offices, or offsite at external premises or public venues.
  • Members of our team who are not fully vaccinated and cannot provide a negative COVID-19 test result (within 72 hours of receiving result), will be available virtually.

When we visit you

  • Our team will follow the protocols that are set by an external party when meeting at an external party's premises.
  • If no such protocols exist, we will only allow fully vaccinated staff to visit external party premises.
  • Our team has been encouraged to check the vaccination status of an external party prior to meeting them face-to-face, and can refuse a face-to-face meeting if the external party is not vaccinated. 
  • When meeting with our team you are entitled to check their vaccination status and/or decline a face-to-face meeting if you are not comfortable.
  • Our team will abide by public health measures required at external premises and public venues.

When you visit us 

  • Any visitors to our Crombie Lockwood offices must be fully vaccinated or provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test (within 72 hours of receiving result) to enter and will be required to:
    • Scan our QR code via the COVID-19 Tracer app on entry
    • Scan their vaccine pass using the NZ Pass Verifier app on entry, or
    • Show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result (within 72 hours of receiving result)
    • Undertake meetings in designated visitor meeting rooms
    • Follow the appropriate health and safety protocols while at our offices.
  • Suppliers who are essential to perform 'back office' services (eg water bottle delivery, plant care, air-conditioning technicians, cleaners) must be fully vaccinated and follow our entry protocol before accessing back office areas.

 Crombie Lockwood will adapt these protocols as required to meet the expectations and guidelines of the New Zealand Government.

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