Auckland Central Volunteer

Auckland Central takes on Flax for DOC buddies

Brokers from Auckland Central branch headed over to Tiritiri Matangi Island in Auckland’s Gulf Harbour to help the Department of Conservation clear flax.

The predator-free island is home to many endangered native birds, including the Takahe, Stitchbird (Hihi) and penguins. Once deforested, the island has been recovering since 1984, when hundreds of volunteers started planting 300,000 native trees. Since then, 12 endangered native bird species and 3 reptile species, including the rare tuatara (a prehistoric lizard), have been re-established in the sanctuary. 

The Auckland branch split into three groups on separate days (3 Dec, 4 Dec & 10 Dec) and got to work clearing flax to form a path down a hillside.

The team made a great effort and got to check out some of the island on the way too.

Crombie Lockwood is committed to supporting The Department of Conservation in projects that help with the survival of New Zealand native birds.  The survival story of NZ native birds echoes our philosophy to position our clients to financial survival any insurable event.  

Auckland Central clearing flax as volunteers for Department of Conservation