Planting with Places for Penguins

Wellington staff pitch in with planting to help the little Blue Penguins.

Blue PenguinOn a freezing southerly day near the end of July, 15 of our Wellington branch team, travelled out to Halswell Point on the Miramar Peninsula to volunteer for the Places for Penguins Trust - as part of their partnership to support the Korora (little blue penguin).

The team spent a couple of hours helping plant over 100 grasses, flax and ground cover plants to encourage the little blue penguins to start nesting in this area.

The little blue penguin is of special interest to the Wellington team as it is specific to the region. The penguins nest from July to December and tend to come to the South coastline to have their babies. They are faced with a number of dangers including dogs (people walk around the coast without putting them on a lead) and cars on the coastal road because the penguins come ashore and cross the road looking for food.

This was the first of many opportunities the Wellington staff will have to work with Places for Penguins. They are already planning to help with future campaigns aimed at increasing local awareness and support to save the little blue penguin from becoming endangered. They will also assist with planting and checking nest boxes to start recording chick numbers.

The staff really enjoyed the day, despite the cold and felt the cause was very worthwhile.

To learn more about Places for Penguins click here.

Crombie Lockwood is committed to supporting The Department of Conservation in projects that help with the survival of New Zealand native birds.  The survival story of NZ native birds echoes our philosophy to position our clients to financial survival any insurable event. 

Crombie Lockwood volunteers with Places for penguins