Personal life insurance and health cover

Life and health insurance gives you a way to make sure that you and your dependants will have funds when you can no longer generate money yourself.

At Crombie Lockwood, we can help you put together the life and health insurance solution that will best meet your individual needs. That way you can be sure that when claim time comes around, you’ll achieve the best outcome.

Crombie Lockwood enjoys a strong working relationship with the top insurance underwriters in New Zealand. This enables us to help you at claim time if problems should arise.

Comprehensive health and life insurance

You can use life & disability insurance to give you cover for a range of different risks in your personal life. The main life and health insurance types you can get through Crombie Lockwood are outlined below.






Income Protection Insurance


Monthly income


You cannot work due to illness or injury. 

Mortgage Protection Insurance


Monthly benefit so you can make your mortgage repayments


You cannot work due to illness, injury or redundancy.

Total Permanent Disablement Insurance


Lump sum to repay debt and help with your ongoing care.


You become disabled and cannot work again.

Private Medical Insurance


Medical costs


You have a medically necessary procedure. 

Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance


Lump sum


You suffer a specified critical illness or injury. 

Term Life Insurance


Lump sum or monthly benefit to repay debt, cover funeral costs and help your family.


Early death

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