Restaurant and food service insurance

Crombie Lockwood offers two insurance packages for the food service industry – one specifically for restaurants who are members of the Restaurant Association (RANZ) and one for all pubs and hotels.

As New Zealand’s leading insurance provider to the food, beverage and hospitality industry, we understand the unique insurance challenges of running a food service business – the risks of stock and material losses, dangers of injury and liability claims.

We have experience dealing with a vast array of risks, including a client who had to stop trading temporarily after serving liquor to an underage patron.

Restaurant insurance scheme

Our specialist insurance package is only available to restaurants and cafés who are members of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand (RANZ), and is offered in association with RANZ.

SmartPAK is the best protection in the market for the restaurant and hospitality industry.  It has three times the smarts of your existing cover:

  • Higher automatic cover limits to prevent underinsurance
  • Lower excesses
  • Better Business Interruption protection

No gaps. No complicated paperwork. No worries.

Automatically available in your SmartPAK cover:

  • Business Interruption protection that goes the distance: Cover starts from when your trading is halted, not from the date of damage and additional cover options are available
  • Stock and assets cover is pre-set to $1million and so is Gross Profit protection. But you only pay for the cover you need and we can increase the amounts
  • Stock and assets claim excess is just $350:
  • Motor Vehicles only $400, a real saving come claim time
  • Full breakdown cover on electrical equipment up to $10,000 and machinery up to 10kw

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Hotel and pub insurance scheme

Crombie Lockwood developed a special insurance package, SafeHANDs, for hotels and pubs that serve food.

The scheme offers three main types of insurance:

  • Material damage. This covers plant, machinery, leasehold improvements, stock and all other contents of the business against accidental loss or damage, e.g. losses due to fire, earthquake, burglary, etc.
  • Business interruption. This covers loss of profit due to reduction in turnover following a risk event.
  • Liability. This package includes public liability, statutory liability, employers liability and legal defence. With this, we also offer consequential loss cover that is unique in the industry.

If you run a hotel or pub, you can do no better than talk to Crombie Lockwood about your business insurance.

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