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10 December 2018

New Home of New Zealand’s insurance broking talent

The Takapuna team settling into their new office.

It was a very big move all the way down the street from 1 Huron street to 15 Huron Street, Takapuna.

The Crombie Lockwood Takapuna team have moved into their newly refurbished building at the other end of Huron street on Auckland’s North Shore. Their stunning new building has a unique, aluminium-clad exterior with an abstract, eye-catching design: a perfect example of the way natural cover protects. The recently refurbished lobby houses a gorgeous living wall to purify the air and make their place of work both happier and healthier.

The new, light and airy space offers a fresh outlook for the team of thirty commercial brokers, broker support staff and personal life and health insurance specialists, who love the look and feel of their new offices. With lots of spaces to collaborate and work together, the team are all set to make the most of a great work environment.

A series of endangered birds feature in a set of colourful artworks along on wall: seven threatened New Zealand birds selected to represent te Crombie ockwood brand. Their plumage provides brilliant colours and textures for risk reduction and weather-proofing, while their unique stories set them apart from others.

To our mind, the kākāpō, takahe, hihi, kea, weka, blue penguin and kiwi are perfect examples of the way natural cover protects the things that matter to New Zealand – and New Zealanders. And that’s exactly what we’re here to do for our clients, protect. The Takapuna office has specialists that can assist you with all of your insurance needs. Nothing’s a problem: they see solutions where others see problems.

Still being in Hurtsmere Road, they’ve remained right where the action happens, and with a council carpark planned for across the street, the team are excited to be in such a booming area.