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Business insurance


SmartPAK provides protection for small to medium sized businesses:

  • Higher policy limits so you avoid under insurance
  • Lower excesses
  • Business interruption protection.

What SmartPAK insurance covers

SmartPAK is packed with heaps of business advantages, and the cover has been designed to protect your business as it grows and you succeed.

With SmartPAK, there is no need to second guess your insurance cover. 

Automatically available in your SmartPAK cover:

  • Business Interruption protection that goes the distance.  Cover starts from when your trading is disrupted, not from the date of damage.
  • Stock and plant protection up to $1million. You only pay for the cover you need and you can increase any limits
  • Gross profit protection up to $1million; Additional Increased Costs of Working ($100,000 limit) and Claim Preparation Costs ($50,000 limits) with additional cover options available, and you can increase any limits
  • Stock and plant claim excess is just $350: a real savings come claims time.

As a SmartPAK client you also have access to one hour’s FREE legal advice. So if you need a quick, smart legal opinion just call the SmartPAK legal hotline 0800 TLC LEGAL.

SmartPAK is exclusive to Crombie Lockwood through our underwriting partners QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited, AIG Insurance New Zealand Limited, and Offshore Market Placements Limited.

Help with business insurance

Our brokers are always ready to help and are there when it really matters.

We advise on what coverage best fits your business and give the best possible protection at claim time and will work alongside you to get a fair resolution.

We'll also review your cover on a regular basis to ensure you can financially survive any insurable event.


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SmartPAK claims

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