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Aviation insurance 

We arrange specialist insurances for the aviation industry, including commercial aircraft operators, private aircraft owners, aircraft engineers and airport authorities. 

Our skilled team of aviation experts delivers tailored aviation insurance and risk management to meet the complex needs of aviators, both recreational and professional, to cover the risks faced in the air and on the ground.

Our clients include: 

  • commercial aircraft operators
  • private aircraft owners
  • pilots involved in agribusiness
  • drone operators
  • aircraft engineers
  • hangarkeepers
  • ground handlers
  • airside catering companies
  • airport authorities
  • aero clubs and training organisations
  • civil aviation authorities
  • light aircraft service and repair technicians 

What does aviation liability insurance cover?

Aviation insurance can covers losses resulting from maintenance and use of aircraft, property damage, loss of cargo, or injury to people. Solutions are available to cover both owners and aircraft operators from unforeseen losses.

We can help you with standard or customised aviation liability Insurance for rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft while on the ground and in motion including:

  • Aircraft hull and/or liability 
  • Aerial applicators liability 
  • Statutory liability 
  • Punitive and  exemplary damages
  • Crew and/or passenger personal accident insurance
  • Loss of licence insurance
  • Hangarkeepers’ liability (airport owners and  operators)

Airport owners’ and operators’ aviation liability insurance 

Airport owners’ and operators’ liability insurance (also known as hangarkeepers’ liability) gives you cover for the liability risks associated with owning airport or aerodrome buildings. This cover is designed for operations with responsibility for maintenance and storage of third party aircraft. This can include refuelling exposures if required. It also provides insurance coverage if you service or maintain third party aircraft or sell aircraft products to third parties.

Help with aviation insurance

The expertise offered through our aviation insurance specialists is rare in New Zealand. Most local insurers do not provide cover for the aviation industry, so the types of insurance are often limited.

We tap into our international partnerships, using specialist aviation liability insurance underwriters in Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, India, as well as Lloyd’s aviation syndicates based in London. Our partners cover clients from the general aviation sector and include operators, flying clubs, airports, ground handlers and airside catering companies.

Our experts can work with you to talk through the different types of aviation coverage available, answer your questions and create an aviation insurance package that meets your needs. With our market scale and global networks we can negotiate competitive terms.


Working together to protect what matters

Our specialist brokers work with you to find insurance solutions that are a fit for your business.