New Zealand’s natural cover

The story of the re-discovery of New Zealand’s famed Takahe was the inspiration for our new positioning statement ‘New Zealand’s Natural Cover’.  The Takahe’s survival was due, at least in part, to its plumage.  To survive in its harsh natural environment, the Takahe depends on its distinctive colouring to camouflage it for risk reduction; while the feathers secrete a special oily substance that the bird spreads across its body to insulate and weather-proof itself. 

As a parallel, this echoes our philosophy to strongly protect the financial livelihood of our clients and their businesses.  The Takahe is just one of seven endangered New Zealand birds that we selected to represent our brand.  Their plumages give us brilliant colours and textures as well as stories that set us apart from others. They give our brand personality and humanity; imbue pride and, as visual cues, tell people who we are and enhance recall of Crombie Lockwood and its people.

Click on the birds below to read their survival story:

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