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Farm accommodation legislation workshops

Rural businesses who provide farm accommodation are invited to attend a free workshop on their obligations under related legislation.

Sirocco the kakapo

Showing our support for Sirocco the kakapo. At Crombie Lockwood we can arrange animal insurance for virtually any precious animal: even famous birds.

World’s most ethical company

We are very proud of Gallagher being named a 2018 World’s Most Ethical Company and the only insurance broker recognized by the Ethisphere Institute.

Boston Marks aviation brokers join Gallagher group

BMG Aviation - Boston Marks insurance brokers & their associates join Gallagher & Crombie Lockwood’s growing family of insurance professionals.

Maintaining personal security overseas

Whether on a short business trip or a longer assignment, there are steps you can take to reduce the risks you may face.

Benefit of cyber cover

Why do I need cyber insurance? A team of recovery experts at your fingertips to sort things after an attack.

How can charities avoid underinsurance?

As a trustee you have a duty of care. Yet underinsurance is a problem faced by many charities. Our specialist brokers can help.

Earthquake claims

We've simplified the way earthquake claims are managed. Our specialist insurance brokers know how to provide the help you need when you really need it.

Major events: planning for the unexpected

Major events carry substantial risks for cancellation or postponement due to weather, and issues like construction delays.

Manawatu help revamp aviary for Kiwi breeding

Over the course of three busy days, Palmerston North Brokers, Centralised Claims Team and Monument Finance descended on Pukaha Mt Bruce Wildlife Centre as part...

Dunedin's volunteer day

Dunedin branch traded proposals and wordings for gardening gloves and shovels at Sinclair Wetlands earlier this month.

Foal competition

Go into the draw to win $1,000 worth of Dunstan product!

Claims advocacy working at its hardest

Crombie Lockwood’s claims team set the standard for earthquake claims management and resolution after Christchurch’s devastating earthquake on 22 February 2011.

Soft markets and hard markets – what does it mean

What do soft and hard markets mean for you in terms of insurance cover, benefits and cost of insurance premiums?

Sums Insured – keeping up to date is the only way to be fully covered

Under-estimating total sums insured insurance could leave you underinsured and open to another disaster.

Takapuna team settling into their new office

Takapuna insurance team are now in an eye-catching building at 15 Huron Street on Auckland’s North Shore.

What makes our indemnity period different

Business interruption insurance carries a sum insured & maximum indemnity period. Don’t be limited by your BI.

Soft markets and hard markets – what does it mean

What do soft & hard markets mean for you in terms of insurance cover, benefits & cost of insurance premiums?

Natural disaster insurance excess

Insurance for natural disasters, insurance excess, natural disaster cover, insurance claim, making an insurance claim.

New Zealand – second in the world for natural disaster costs

New Zealand is ranked as the 2nd riskiest country in the world when it comes to natural disasters, but we’re the 4th best protected.

Not just ecommerce businesses at risk

Is your business CyberSAFE? 25% of New Zealand businesses have had a cyber attack in the past 12 months. Everyone’s a cyber target.

Motor fleet – managing premium increases

Commercial vehicles are constantly on the go. We deliver fleet insurance while keeping rising premiums under control.

Insurance careers suit all ages

Working as an insurance broker you make personal and professional contributions to the communities you serve.
The rewards are numerous.

Fake Invoices Scam

Is your business CyberSAFE? New Zealanders are told to be cautious after Netsafe reported an increase in the number of fake invoice scams.

Disaster Recovery Must-dos

Find out what to do during and immediately after a natural disaster. Firstly, for any type of natural disaster you need a plan. Afterwards, contact...

You’ve heard of phishing but what is whaling?

Good cyber risk management from Crombie Lockwood can cover you when you’ve been caught by phishing, whaling and scammer emails.

Benefits of cyber cover for business

Why do I need cyber insurance? A team of recovery experts at your fingertips to sort things after an attack.

Fire service levies

Fire Service Levies - the funding for New Zealand's 14,000 fire-fighters and the 62,000 callouts they answer each year – they’re set to rise. What’s...

Update on Fire Service levies and reforms June 2017

Fire Service Levies and Reforms Updated June 2017