Essential protection for ANZ business, commercial and rural customers

ANZ and Crombie Lockwood have been working together since 2002. If you are an ANZ business, commercial or rural customer, Crombie Lockwood can provide you with a comprehensive insurance review.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of your business, it will ensure you have essential protection for your business operation with no unnecessary covers or double-ups.

Planning for success means planning for risk

Despite your best efforts, things can go wrong for your business due to events beyond your control. These things happen to New Zealand businesses every day. Risk management and Insurance is the standard way to prevent accidental loss or potential business failure. However, just having insurance doesn’t mean you are protected. Only 20% of businesses have the right insurance for the real risks they face.

Even if you were well covered when you last had a professional review of your insurance, this may no longer be the case. As you know every business grows; every business accrues unexpected value; every business is dynamic. The problem is that most businesses don’t scale their insurance protection accordingly.  It is vitally important for your business that you review your cover on a regular basis to ensure you can financially survive any insurable event. 

If you are an ANZ customer, please ask your ANZ Manager to arrange an insurance review with Crombie Lockwood.

All products arranged by Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Limited are underwritten by various third party insurers. All insurance products are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions set out in the applicable policy document. No member of Crombie Lockwood, ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited or its related companies guarantees the underwriters and insurers, or any of the products issued by them. ANZ may receive commission on any policy it arranges or on any referral to Crombie Lockwood.

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