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Business insurance

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Commercial motor vehicle insurance 

A commercial car insurance policy covers vehicles used for business purposes for loss, damage and liability.

If your business requires the use of a commercial vehicle to transport employees and equipment, the risk of accidents, injury, property damage, loss and theft comes with every trip.

We offer flexible commercial motor fleet insurance solutions across all business vehicle classes, from cars, utes and vans, to trucks, buses, forklifts, Ubers and more.

What business vehicle insurance covers

A business vehicle policy will cover you for a number of risks involved in owning and driving a company car, such as:

  • Accidental damage to property caused by your company vehicle
  • Damage to your business vehicle in an accident
  • Theft or vandalism of your company car
  • Your business vehicle being involved in an accident caused by another driver who does not have adequate insurance coverage.

Commercial car insurance options

Our brokers have access to a range of commercial motor insurance cover options to suit your business requirements and your budget.  

Commercial vehicle insurance options include:

  • ‘Agreed value cover’ if your commercial vehicles are stolen or damaged.
  • New vehicle options
    • If a company car is involved in an accident, with one call and we can take over from the crash scene and get your vehicle running again.
    • If your company vehicle is no longer roadworthy after an accident, cover for emergency accommodation and travel.
    • Cover for employees’ vehicles should they need to be used for your business.

Roadside assistance with Drive On

We offer vehicle assistance with Drive On to our business and commercial clients.

Drive On covers mechanical breakdown and vehicles that have suffered non-collision or non-insurance related failures making them unsafe to be driven.

It doesn’t matter who’s driving your company vehicle, because the vehicle is covered, not the driver.

As a commercial client, you get unlimited call-outs, so Drive On is perfect for businesses whose staff share vehicles.

Help with commercial vehicle insurance in NZ

Everything we do is driven by you. To get the level of cover that’s right for your business, talk to one of our brokers about our commercial car insurance options. 

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