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Health and safety solutions

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Health and Safety (H&S) is a key part of any business. As organisations grow, gaps can appear in their H&S systems, exposing risk. It can lead to incalculable reputational, insurance premium, legal and other costs.

Crombie Lockwood's Safety Assist consultants bring over 26 years of experience and knowledge in the NZ regulatory environment, working across multiple industries to ensure a zero-harm environment, while achieving relevant cost efficiencies for NZ businesses.

Our Safety Assist consultants offer to independently review your H&S management system, and identify gaps ranging from policies and procedures to full systems. As a business, you benefit from using Safety Assist by saving costs through industry knowledge, benchmarking of your standards and practices, and managing your contractors more effectively with pre-qualification auditing.

Safety Assist services

We provide health and safety consultancy services for businesses, and also run workplace health and safety training courses, which can be tailored to meet the needs your organisation. 

Safety Assist approach to workplace risk infographic

Safety Assist offers an array of risk management services to help protect your business.

Health and safety consultancy

Safety Assist offers a range of services on a consultancy basis, including: 

  • Consultancy for health and safety projects   
  • Site visits
  • System reviews
  • Creation of documentation
  • Setting up processes and procedures 
Online health and safety management system

Safety Assist's online health and safety management system allows you to manage all aspects of your health and safety programme. It can help to create evidence to fulfil the requirements of WorksafeNZ, and pre-qualification applications. Powered by Kiwi technology Safety Monitor, the system includes the following modules:

  • Accident and investigations 
  • Hazard and risk
  • People, training and certification
  • Meetings
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Hazardous substances
  • Automated tasks and reminders
  • Detailed reports
Health and safety training

We deliver health and safety training that can be tailored to the specific needs of each business. Courses include:

  • Health and Safety 101 - overview for all staff
  • Accident Investigations
  • Director and Senior Management Duties and Obligations training  
  • Health and Safety Representatives - Stage 1 Essential Training,  with EMA  
  • Health and Safety Representatives - Stage 2 Advanced Training, with EMA
  • First Aid 

Contact the Safety Assist team to discuss your training requirements. 

Safer Schools programme

Safer Schools is a service that helps schools develop their health and safety programmes. It can be tailored to the needs of you school. Modules include:

  • guidance and support for schools to achieve and maintain the Ministry of Education’s Health and Safety requirements for boards and school leaders
  • a health and safety review of your school's existing systems, including a site visit and improvement report
  • health and safety documentation
  • 0800 phone advice line for health and safety guidance and process assistance
  • Safety Assist Online - access to a web-based health and safety management system.

More about Safer Schools

Safety Assist Full Service 

Safety Assist Full Service is our complete solution to help businesses meet and maintain their health and safety compliance obligations. The Safety Assist team provides ongoing practical advice, assistance and guidance to keep you on top of your health and safety responsibilities. The service includes:

  • Online cloud-based management system with access for all staff. (Platform details are provided below.)
  • Health and safety advice line you can call in business hours 
  • Incident management support
  • Regular check-ins and contact from the Safety Assist team
  • Project work ie contractor pre-qualifications, documentation creation and review.


  • Under 20 staff - $3,495 per annum (ex. GST) 
  • 20+ staff - $4,495 per annum (ex. GST)
Safety Assist Online

Safety Assist Online has been created for workplaces wanting an effective online health and safety management system to replace outdated paper-based models.

It's coupled with a business hours advice line, to provide support and answer your health and safety questions. This option would suit workplaces who may be low risk, small in size or already have an internal health and safety staff resource.


  • $1,495 per annum (ex.GST)

Contact Safety Assist 

We help organisations put solutions in place to keep workplaces and their people safe, and ensure businesses can meet their health and safety compliance obligations.