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Entertainment insurance specialists

Insurance for the entertainment industry

As one of the the largest film insurance brokers in the country, we offer film production insurance packages for both local and international co-productions.

We provide specialist insurance expertise and covers for:

  • producers
  • camera operator
  • filmmakers
  • film crew
  • event organisers
  • photographers

Film insurance solutions

Film and production insurance is complex and some of the products are unique to this industry. We use our understanding of the industry and commercial film insurance markets to identify and arrange cover that will best suit the needs of your local or international production.  Solutions for events and film productions, can include:

  • Employer’s liability insurance to indemnify the production company against claims brought against them by employees following personal injury.
  • Public liability insurance to indemnify the production company against claims for negligent acts, made by a third party for damage to property and for which the production company may be found liable.
  • Statutory liability insurance can provide cover for legal costs in defending any prosecutions and also cover reparation orders for health and safety penalties.
  • Errors and omissions insurance indemnifies the production company for claims arising from libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy etc.
  • Fidelity guarantee insurance provides covers for loss of production funds due to fraud or embezzlement.
  • Third party property damage indemnifies the production company for loss or damage to, or destruction of property or facilities of others.
  • Pre-production and cast insurance indemnifies the production company against losses in case of accident, illness or death of specified cast members.
  • Props, sets and wardrobe insurance.
  • Equipment insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Personal insurance for people working on a production who are often not employees

For event organisers we offer a range of solutions to protect risks related to event hosting including:

  • Public liability insurance for the entertainment industry
  • Event insurance
  • Prize indemnity and hole in one insurance
  • Pluvoius insurance – weather cover

Specialists in entertainment insurance

We understand the entertainment industry and know how to package policies to give you the appropriate coverage priced for your budget. 

We provide:

  • a detailed evaluation of the specific risks and assets associated with your project
  • a team of specialists for proactive advice and support
  • an insurance package designed specifically for your production
  • short term production insurance for productions on a project-by-project scale
  • annual production insurance to cover all the projects you’re working on at once or multiple times throughout the year
  • 24/7 claims service - and we advocate on your behalf for a fair and prompt claims result



Working together to protect what matters

Our specialist brokers work with you to find insurance solutions that are a fit for your business.