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About us

Why choose Crombie Lockwood

Locally focused, nationally resourced and internationally endorsed, we’re one of New Zealand's leading insurance brokers.

We’re here to protect New Zealanders’ way of life from their businesses to their personal insurances and their life and health.  We source and provide insurance solutions for individuals, businesses and employers.

With a network of  branches across NZ, and established global connections through our parent company Gallagher  and the ability to use both New Zealand and international insurers– we’re confident we can position you to financially survive any insurable event. 

Our focus for you 

Our mission is to position you to financially survive any insurable event. We will earn your trust through a commitment to understand your needs, and by providing proactive advice and right sized solutions.  We’re very proud of our strong reputation for helping customers and we will work with you to continuously evolve your insurance cover to meet your changing needs.  

Custom solutions and specialist expertise

Whether you’re a corporate, a small-medium-size business, a sole trader or an individual we can source and tailor insurance solutions for you.

Our experienced team have specialist and expert knowledge of risks and solutions across a broad range of industries. We also work closely with diverse organisations and associations to design and implement insurance schemes that meet the needs of staff and members.

Enjoy the convenience and savings of managing all your insurances in one place. And as your situation changes, we’re always there to advise on the best way forward for you to continuously meet your needs.

NZ-made, globally backed and connected

We started out small back in 1978 and since then have grown to be one of NZ”s largest insurance brokers with over 25 branches across the country. We like to be active in the towns and cities we're in; supporting communities with volunteer days.

To provide you with the best possible insurance and risk management, Crombie Lockwood insurance brokers maintain strategic partnerships with New Zealand's leading insurers, and a direct presence at Lloyd's of London via our subsidiary Offshore Market Placements Limited (OMPL).

Crombie Lockwood is part of Gallagher the world’s fourth largest broking and risk management group.

It’s this combination of local commitment powered by national resources and global support that gives us the edge.

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Working together to assess your risk 

Your livelihood and protecting what matters most is our responsibility and we take that very seriously. It’s our job to ensure you have scaled your insurance protection as your business and life grows accordingly. We talk with you to understand your needs, and then through a combination of mitigation, management and prudent covers, we deliver a sustainable insurance package that best meets your business or personal insurance needs. Our focus is to position you to survive any insurable event.


Our disciplines and standards

Our operating processes and disciplines are part hard-learned lessons and part pure, professional performance. The end result: a short list of non-negotiables that drive our standards. This list met or exceeded regulated requirements well before they were introduced by The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ). 

How do we work?

  1. A formal ‘Discovery & Declaration’ process: in order to protect your interests,we recommend that every element of risk is examined.
  2. A formal recommendation that informs and advises: presenting you with your options explained is a critical step on our duty of care and responsibility.
  3. A proposal to market (where needed): this ensures you get what you need at a price that reflects your risk attractiveness.
  4. A faultless execution of the programme: this insurance programme incorporates at least annual formal reviews.

Regardless of regulation or legislation, a comprehensive and professional performance is the bare minimum in today’s business environment.


The role of a broker

Our insurance brokers act as a link between you and the insurance provider and they act on your behalf. They identify your requirements and when needed they search the market to find a product that best suits your needs. With a broker you get the best advice for you, your family, your lifestyle and your business.

We've put together some information about what a broker does and how they work with you to find insurance solutions. We explain the difference between insurance agents and brokers, who gets paid and who helps at claim time. 

At Crombie Lockwood, our brokers are focused on positioning you to survive any insurable event.