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Schools insurance

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Schools insurance

Crombie Lockwood has been working with schools for over 25 years, and today we insure almost half of New Zealand's schools. 

We have an insurance solution designed for specifically for schools, including cover for business interruption, material damage, liability, employment disputes, cyber and more.   

Our experienced schools brokers are your point of contact for all your insurance requirements. They work with you to assess your risks and get the right levels of cover in place to suit your needs. Our brokers can visit your school to meet your team and present to administrators, boards of trustees and parents to ensure everyone understand the levels of cover. 

Material damage and business interruption

While some school buildings and property are  included as part of the Ministry's cover, property and assets beyond this coverage (referred to as overcode) require additional insurance. Sports facilities, landscaping, additional buildings and classrooms, and other community-funded assets can be a huge part of the school and its community. Material damage and business interruption cover can help ensure these are protected and that you can continue to operate if something happens.

Material damage 

A material damage policy can cover the repair, replacement or rebuild of:

  • Overcode buildings
  • Contents
  • Paths and landscaping
  • Playing courts and sports grounds
  • Artificial turf
  • Playgrounds
  • Digital signs

Business interruption

While your damaged property is being fixed, business interruption insurance could help you keep operating, ie by covering:  

  • the hire of temporary equipment or furniture
  • recreation of lost records or data
  • temporary relocation of your administration team etc.

If there’s damage to property you hire out to the community, your business interruption policy can cover you for loss of income. 

Employment disputes

Employment disputes are one of the most common claims we see from schools. Situations that can lead to employment disputes include:

  • Restructures
  • Redundancies
  • Performance issues
  • Disciplinary processes
  • Dismissals

Employment disputes insurance covers legal costs arising from personal grievance claims, where approved lawyers are used, and can cover settlements and award of damages where claims are successful. 

COVID-19 - Cover for any claim, loss, damages or liability directly or indirectly arising from the Covid-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 is not available.

The New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) provides advice at no cost, to help guide schools through the correct procedure when handling employment disputes. It is important you contact them early in the process so you don’t prejudice the outcome of any claim, and to comply with the conditions of your insurance policy.


Liability insurance covers the legal cost of defending a claim, and the compensation that you may be directed to pay injured or wronged parties.

  • Statutory liability - Covers your defence costs and any penalties you may be required to pay, if there’s an unintended breach of most New Zealand statutes.   
  • Public liability - Can protects the school against liability for accidental damage to other people’s property, as well as for injury to others.
  • Employer’s liability - When an employee is injured your school can be legally liable for damages. Employer’s liability can cover these claims.
  • Fidelity cover - Can cover losses that occur due to dishonest or fraudulent acts by employees or volunteers. 
Professional indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance covers amounts you may have to pay if your school is found to have negligently breached its professional duty when it comes to: 

  • enrolment procedures
  • implementing curricula
  • suspending or expelling students

A public relations extension to professional indemnity cover is also available for accessing PR expertise to help manage a crisis related to a potential or actual claim.


Schools can be a common target for cyber criminals, due to their reliance on IT and high number of users. Cyber attacks are disruptive, upsetting and can lead to serious reputational damage for your school.

Motor vehicle

Motor vehicle insurance

Our schools motor insurance policy covers vehicles owned by schools, and those used by staff, volunteers or parents on school business. It includes cover for:

  • Repair of damaged vehicle
  • Replacement of vehicle where it is stolen or can't be repaired
  • Damage caused to the property of others if you are legally liable 
  • Emergency accommodation and travel costs

Drive On – roadside assistance 

Drive On is an optional add-on for schools with our motor vehicle policy, offering 24 hour vehicle breakdown assistance. 

Safer Schools - health and safety

Our Safer Schools programme helps schools create a safe environment for employees, students and visitors, and to meet obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act (2015).  


Our annual travel insurance can cover student and sports teams on school trips in New Zealand and overseas. Speak to your broker for more details.

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